I'm pretty sure I can get there!

I’m pretty sure I can get there!

This is my least favorite writing assignment.  Even though I may feel that I have a lot to say, it is rarely about myself.  I have a difficult time doing it and dislike it immensely.  With that said, please understand that I may even change this page from time to time because it irritates me.

I am a healthcare administrator by day and a crazy, creative fanatic by night and weekend.  Although my paying career is somewhat professionally satisfying, it leaves little room for creativity.  I try to make-up for this by creating beautiful occasion cakes, taking on new culinary experiences,  re-painting rooms and blogging.  For years I have thought that I would enjoy creative writing but found an excuse more often than not to never try it.  Then I met WordPress and the many other authors part of this fascinating world.  I have never seen so much encouragement for new writers to write and to write about anything while just trying to improve  their skills and find their own style.

Do I hope to publish a work of some kind in the future?  Of course I would!  I can’t imagine anything more exciting.  However, I have a long road ahead of me and a personal style to figure out. I’m hopeful this will become one of my “second acts”.  For those of you willing to follow along – welcome – I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your “likes” and comments.


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